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A Comprehensive View of Romans: Volume 1
Christ Could Not Be Tempted
Christ Emptied Himself
Christ’s Kingdom Is Future Volume 1: The King’s Genealogy
Christ’s Kingdom Is Future Volume 2: Introduction of the King
Christ’s Kingdom Is Future Volume 3: Formation of the King’s Bride
Diminishing Spirituality in Local Churches
Eternity and Time
Free Grace Versus Free Will — OUT OF PRINT  
God Forgives Sinners
God Is Love
God’s Eternal Decree
God’s Longsuffering Is Salvation
Honoring the True God — OUT OF PRINT  
Justification Before God (Not by Faith)
Life Brought to Light
No Proper Name Given to Christ’s Assembly
Regeneration and Conversion
Simple Faith — OUT OF PRINT  
Studies in the Person and Work of Jesus Christ
The Born-Again Phenomenon
The Church—Her Authority and Mission — OUT OF PRINT  
The Most Neglected Chapter in the Bible (Romans 9) — OUT OF PRINT  
The Saviour’s Definite Redemption
Woman—Man’s Completion

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